by Wendy Longmire Mema, co-founder of Back to Creation Oils

Essential Oils from Antiquity to Today:  A Better Way

Ancient Secrets Revealed

    Plants have been linked to the wellness of man since the beginning of time.  From Ancient Egypt to China and on to the European continent, peope have been using essential oils since 4500 B.C.  Ancient people used plants for medicine and first aid.  Ancient Egyptians used essential oils for medicine, beauty, emotional support, and embalming.  Many recipes are mentioned in the hieroglyphics for using essential oils for healing.
     The Bible and other ancient texts are replete with the use of essential oils. Those oils were revered as precious substances in ancient times.   In the pyramids, grave robbers often stole essential oils over gold and jewels.  
     Essential oils have existed since the third day of Creation when God spoke the plants into existence.  When God created man and woman, he placed them in a garden, so that they could breathe in the fragrant essential oils.  There are over 188 references to the use of essential oils in the Bible.  Wise men brought gifts of gold, Frankincense, and Myrrh to Jesus after His birth.  The most valuable of these three, pound for pound, was the Frankincense.
     Essential oils are the volatile liquid of the plant that helps the plants to grow by bringing nutrition and information to the cells as well as defending the plants against insects, disease, & harsh environmental conditions.  God made essential oils to support our body systems in the same ways they support the plant’s systems.     
     Unfortunately, this knowledge and reverence of essential oils was lost for thousands of years.  It was rediscovered again by group of “thieves” during the Bubonic Plaque in 14th century Europe.  More knowledge was regained when the French chemist René-Maurice Gattefossé studied the effect of applying essential oils to the sick and wounded during World War I.
     The growing popularity of essential oils in the U.S. today has its roots in a severe logging accident that happened to a 24 year

old American named D. Gary Young back in 1973.    Refusing to accept the doctors’ prognosis that he would never walk again, D. Gary Young began a long process of studying natural health alternatives.  This journey eventually led him to the study of essential oils in Europe.
     When he returned to America, he became frustrated to learn that most essential oils available in the U.S. at that time were low-quality, synthesized, and adulterated, and thus lacked the beneficial constituents that give pure essential oils their health supporting capabilities.  By using only pure oils, he saw significant, repeatable results.  
    With a vision to bring essential oils to every home in the world, D. Gary Young started his business, Young Living Essential Oils, in 1994.  Young Living is now the world leader in essential oils and is helping people experience real wellness and creating lasting abundance through the transformative power of essential oils.   
     Young Living is the ONLY essential oil company with a trademarked Seed to Seal process. They control the processes of their oils from the seed to the cultivation, distilling, testing, sealing, and shipping directly to its members worldwide.  In order to control every step of the Seed to Seal process, they own a number of farms on four continents and work with many other partner or co-op farms around the world.  
     Young Living is one of the fastest growing companies in the WORLD today.  In 2015, Young Living exceeded $1 billion in sales.  
     Note, there are three grades of essential oils.  The first is perfume grade.  It is the largest grade and is distilled only for their fragrance and are often distilled with harmful chemicals.  The second is food grade.  It is used to flavor food, is found in grocery stores, and are often distilled using high temperature and high pressure.  This destroys the therapeutic value of the oil just as cooking at high temperature destroys the vitamin content of your food.  The third is therapeutic grade which are handled carefully, processed over low heat and low pressure.  You can NOT just buy these therapeutic grade oils at your local store.
    Young Living has been changing lives for over twenty years. You may be asking yourself, “How can I benefit from Young Living Essential Oils?”  
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